The Fake Elector Scheme Could Land Trump In Jail

On December 14, 2020, Republican operatives in at least five states – each of which had already officially certified Joe…

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Mazars Thumps Trump

Being fired by your accounting firm is never a good thing. When the accounting firm not only walks away from…

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Trump’s Watergate?

Shortly after midnight on June 17, 1972, an alert security guard at the Watergate complex in Washington, D.C. noticed something…

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It’s Long Past Time to Prosecute Phony GOP Electors

While the story of phony electoral certificates submitted to Congress by Republican officials in five states as part of a…

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Stupid Kills: The 5 Dumbest GOP COVID-19 Governors, Ranked

As late as March 30, 15 states had issued neither stay-at-home orders nor ordered the closure of non-essential businesses. All 15 have…

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Grading Mueller’s Testimony

Was Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony a blockbuster or a dud? Commentators who focused on optics have generally concluded that Mueller’s…

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